Rostock PLZ

Rostock is located in the region of Rostock, state of Mecklenburg-vorpommern. The format for Rostock is of the type NNNN where N indicates a number and A indicates an alphabet, for example 18055. This is the standard PLZ format that is used across Germany. Some of the PLZ that come under Rostock are - 18055, 18057, 18059, 18069, 18106, 18107, 18109, 18119, 18146 and 18147.

State: Mecklenburg-vorpommern
Region: Rostock
City/District: Rostock
Format: NNNN


Following are some of the PLZ covered under the area of Rostock. Also wherever possible we have provided nearby landmarks for each of these PLZ so that these locations can be accurately be found.

  • 18055
    • Neighbourhood: Rostock (1.4 Kms)
  • 18057
    • Neighbourhood: Gehlsdorf (2.1 Kms)
    • NameTypeDistance
      Ostseestadion vom FC Hansa Rostock
      [Lat:54.08532, Long:12.095]
      Stadium1.1 Kms
  • 18059
    • Neighbourhood: Biestow (1.7 Kms)
    • NameTypeDistance
      Rostock Central Station
      [Lat:54.07824, Long:12.13114]
      Train Station1.6 Kms
  • 18069
    • Neighbourhood: Schutow (49 Mtrs) Reutershagen (1 Kms).
  • 18106
    • NameTypeDistance
      Rostock Central Station
      [Lat:54.07824, Long:12.13114]
      Train Station550 Mtrs
  • 18107
    • Neighbourhood: Elmenhorst Anteil (1.7 Kms) Klein Lichtenhagen (1.9 Kms).
  • 18109
    • Neighbourhood: Lichtenhagen (746 Mtrs) Schmarl (1.4 Kms).
  • 18119
    • NameTypeDistance
      Rostock Central Station
      [Lat:54.07824, Long:12.13114]
      Train Station550 Mtrs
  • 18146
    • Neighbourhood: Goorstorf (730 Mtrs) Hinrichsdorf (1.7 Kms).
  • 18147
    • Neighbourhood: Toitenwinkel (1.2 Kms) Krummendorf (1.3 Kms).

Nearby Places

Below is a list of popular landmarks in and around Rostock with their respective distance from the center.

Town HallCivic18 Mtrs
KerkhofhausMonument44 Mtrs
New MarketLandmark48 Mtrs
University of RostockSchool604 Mtrs
MarienkircheMonument717 Mtrs
DKB ArenaStadium4.6 Kms
Rostock Art MuseumMuseum5.3 Kms
Rostock PortMarina7.2 Kms
Warnemunde BeachBeach11 Kms
Warnemunde LighthouseMonument11.2 Kms
Doberaner MuensterMonument23.1 Kms
Stadt- Und Baedermuseum Bad Doberan MoeckelhausMuseum23.5 Kms
Satower SeePark26.8 Kms
KirchenruineHistoric26.9 Kms
Satow ChurchMonument27.2 Kms